The World Health Assembly has passed a WHO resolution to prioritise and co-ordinate a new global approach to epilepsy care.  Quarriers and other leading epilepsy organisations have praised this as a huge step forward in tackling epilepsy worldwide. 

Although affordable treatment for epilepsy exists, up to 90% of people with the condition may not be properly diagnosed or treated in resource-poor settings. The resolution highlights the need for governments to formulate, strengthen and implement national policies and legislation to promote and protect the rights of people with epilepsy. It also stresses the need to reinforce health information and surveillance systems to get a clearer picture of epilepsy and to measure progress in improving access to care.

Gerard Gahagan, Head of Service at the William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre said: “This is excellent news for people with epilepsy throughout the world –particularly for low and middle income countries where epilepsy care is less well developed.  We now have a commitment at WHO level to promoting research, improving access to treatment, greater implementation of epilepsy awareness programmes, and tackling high levels of discrimination and stigma.  The Scottish Epilepsy Centre has been a strong supporter of the resolution and we will use it to continue our work to develop and deliver even better services for epilepsy in Scotland.”

WHO resolution on Epilepsy

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